Patient Information

Surgical patients will receive a call from our nursing team the day before surgery to review your medical history, discuss your insurance coverage and address any questions you may have.

Please feel free to call us before or after your procedure should you have any questions; we will be happy to speak with you.

Billing Information

Following your procedure or surgery you may be billed by the following parties:

  • Specialty Surgical Center of Arcadia
  • Surgeon or physician
  • Anesthesiologist (if applicable)

Additionally, you may receive bills for laboratory, pathology, radiology, and/or durable medical supplies. Below are the contacts you may call should you have any questions:

Specialty Surgical Center of Arcadia – (626) 471-9901
Business Office Manager – Ani
Procedure or Surgery Scheduler – Regina

Anesthesia Billing Office Amy – (800) 275-8752 x 2796

Advance Directives

Advance Directive is a general term that refers to your oral or written instructions about your future medical care in the event that you become unable to communicate those instructions. As a provider of outpatient services, it is the policy of Specialty Surgical Center of Arcadia that Advance Directive will NOT be honored. Specialty Surgical Center of Arcadia will provide full resuscitative service for any patient requiring emergency life saving support. You, your conservator or guardian will be given an opportunity to discuss our Advanced Directive policy in more detail prior to your procedure or surgery.

Additional information on California's State Advance Directive is available at:
Consumers Advance Health Care Directive

Notice of Significant Beneficial Interest

California Business and Professions Code Section 654.2 requires your physician to notify you when your physicians, or someone in his or her immediate family, has a "significant beneficial interest," as that term is defined under Section 654.2, in an organization to which your physician refers you for services. We are providing this notice to inform you that your doctor may have a significant beneficial interest in Specialty Surgical Center of Arcadia.

Please be advised that you may choose any organization for the purpose of obtaining the services ordered or requested by your doctor.

  • Shirish Patel, M.D.
  • Glenn Takei, M.D.
  • Hanson Lee, M.D.
  • Alan Fisher, M.D.
  • Troy Lamar, M.D.
  • Jean Ding, M.D.
  • Rodney Barnhart, M.D.
  • Edward Laurance, M.D.
  • Asok Doraiswamy, M.D.
  • Richard Vanis, M.D.
  • Mark Borchert, M.D.
  • Robert Morrison, M.D.
  • Chester Zahn, M.D.
  • Bengt Pehrsson, M.D.
  • Della Fong, M.D.
  • Debra Don, M.D.
  • Cathy Shin, M.D.
  • Kristina Tarczy-Hornoch, M.D.
  • Mark Urata, M.D.
  • Jeffrey Hammoudeh, M.D.
  • Angela Buffenn, M.D.


Medical doctors are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California.
Phone: (800) 633-2322
Web: http://www.mbc.ca.gov/